Research & Development, Cora Seeds’ heart and engine!

We are focused on the breeding of the main species of horticultural and aromatic plants. Research is aimed at developing new cultivars for global markets while we try to reconcile the needs of:

  • Production chain (growers, nurseries, industries)
  • Distribution chain (intermediaries, large-scale retail trade)
  • Final consumer (taste, healthiness, appearance).

The modern breeding techniques adopted and the company’s know-how make it possible to offer the market innovative products, guaranteeing producers high, sustainable and top-notch yields.

The products are designed to deal with the ever-present crop adversities resulting from climate change, such as:

  • Drought stress
  • Torrential rains
  • High temperature changes
  • Pathological conditions (attacks by fungi, viruses and bacteria)

The development of a successful product

Breeding is carried out by a team of breeders that, together with product development managers, verifies the phenological and technical characteristics of several thousand new crosses.

Breeders collaborate daily with biotechnologists and pathologists assaying thousands of lines, supported by molecular markers which are useful for conventional breeding.

Phytopathological tests are conducted in order to select plants resistant to the main phytopathological adversities that may affect crops in the field. From these analyses, the best performing genotypes are first selected and then tested in experimental fields especially set up in the main Italian and international cultivation areas.

Research is essential for us

We invest a large portion of our turnover in research and development. Given the results of its research and established partnerships, Cora Seeds is able to offer a wide range of products with the intention of satisfying the needs of each market operator.

Are you interested in taking part in the research and development of Cora Seeds? Send an application in the Work With Us section!