We are an Italian professional seed company dealing with research, production and sale of vegetable seeds worldwide.
Since 2006 we breed innovative genetics, our products are able to satisfy consumers’ requests and to meet the needs of the value chain.

We look forward to welcoming you! Our staff is glad to support you with all information and to introduce the latest news about our genetics.
We are demonstrating the new pipeline of long day onions in all colours: white, red and bronze!


Good seeds are a starting point for better crops. Discover the new CORASPEED® technology! This is the most innovative seed technology, which supports producers in obtaining very high and uniform plantation density also in difficult conditions (i.e. hard soils, heavy rains, etc…), easier weed management, earlier productions, highly uniform bulbs and higher commercial yields.
Don’t miss the first high taste baby plum tomato with long shelf life, BONTÀ F1 , and the range of tomato hybrids with Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV, Grazioso F1 (oval baby plum), Rivaldo F1, CRX 78763 F1 (red clusters) and Corabell F1 (MIDI plum).
Very tasty seedless watermelon Samba F1, baby leaves and many others to complete the assortment.

Have a look at the future, have a look at Cora Seeds!

See you soon,

Maurizio Bacchi (CEO)