Maurizio Bacchi, Ceo of Cora Seeds s.r.l.

Our History

Cora Seeds was founded on September 5th, 2006 from the spirit of initiative and determination of Maurizio Bacchi, who put the experience gained in the family business and the collaboration with important local seed companies to good use.
Cora Seeds’ first major project is the onion breeding.
Between 2007 and 2008 the first commercial network in Italy is created and further research and development projects are started, which are nowadays the primary species of Cora Seeds. In 2010 the new headquarter with offices, warehouse and laboratory is built and the first foreign commercial network is established.
In 2011 the research station in Latina is inaugurated; breeding projects of leaf vegetables begin.
In 2014, the company further strengthens its commercial structure and implements new production processes, inserting high-profile professionals in the various sectors.
In 2017, the seed production team was created to have greater control over all phases: from production to marketing. New machinery is also installed for the selection and technology of the seed.
In 2020, the Cora MENAA project takes shape, its experimental station is located in Antalya (Turkey), with the aim of expanding its activities in the African and Middle Eastern markets.