In order to ensure the highest quality seed, we have established a team of specialized seed production technicians since 2017, who now directly oversee each multiplication field.

Most of our seeds are produced within our lands and with loyal growers, specialized and located in the most suitable areas in the world. Liliaceae, Ateraceae, Lamiaceae, Chenopodiaceae and Brassicaceae are mainly produced in Italy, Solanaceae, Cucurbitaceae and Apiaceae in Asia and South America.

After the harvesting phase, the seeds are transported to our warehouses and subjected to strict quality control processes, followed by selection, calibration and treatment, to be then stored in suitable environments with the best temperatures and humidity conditions in order to maintain the highest quality level.

In the last few years, we have developed cutting-edge seed technology techniques that can be applied ad hoc to batches of our varieties.

Our Technology

Our aim is to support our producers to achieve great results in different conditions. For example, a good and uniform onion plantation comes from proper technique and good seed. The benefits of sowing a high-tech seed are easier cultivation management, more uniform calibre, cost reduction, discards decrease and higher commercial yield.
Therefore, we are able to offer different technologies for our products:

sito supply chain 3


The seed lot has been subjected to a specific high-tech treatment. Seedling’s emergency is fast and extremely uniform as well as the development of their phenological phase. This is the most innovative seed technology, which supports producers to obtain very high and uniform plantation density also in difficult conditions (i.e. hard soils, heavy rains, etc…), easier weed management, earlier productions, highly uniform bulbs and higher commercial yields.

Precision Plus

The seed lot has extremely uniform seed size, high energy and high germination values. Precision Plus is a step forward compared to the standard calibrated seed to ensure growers good plantation density.