Research and development

The aim of our research and breeding is to breed hybrids that can ensure the best performance across the different production areas, for that conventional breeding is supported by innovative biotechnology. We make pathogenic tests in our fields and laboratories to screen the resistance level of our material against most important disease and we do that for each species.

To this extent, a program of experiments are carried out in Italy and abroad; in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia, Rumania, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries.

Together with partners and distributors we prepare trial fields and open days  to examine and choose the products that best meet the local production requirements.

With the support of our research and our partners we covers a large range of hybrids: baby leaf, basil, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, fennel, melon, onion, pepper, plain parsley, processing tomato, fresh market tomato and watermelons.