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Fruit logistica 2016
scritta il 06/11/2015
Cora Seeds is ready for Fruit Logistica!
Our italian breeding and commercial company located in Cesena will be glad to show our products during the Fruit logistica exhibition 2015, result of the investment in research we do from 9 years. Our products are even more known all around Europe as well as other continents because they meet the request of the grower and the local consumer.The operators of the sector will be able to see the last specialities of our research.
scritta il 01/02/2015
Long day onions for season 2014
Cora Seeds, an Italian seed company specialising in breeding and selling the main vegetables on the Italian market, is happy to announce that the growth in sales of its long-day onions continued in 2013.
scritta il 26/09/2014
CRX 75408 F1, the new cherry tomato
Cora Seeds, an Italian seed company specialising in the research, creation and sale of hybrids, added the CRX 75408 F1 variety of cherry tomatoes
scritta il 26/09/2014
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